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    Secure Destruction of sensitive data is the LAW!
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    Recycling does not equal data destruction!
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    Thieves now target recycled computers to recover information for blackmail, extortion and identity theft.
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    Government pushes to implement severe fines for improper data disposal and recycling.
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    Secure data destruction is the cheapest insurance policy a company can buy.


was designed to fill the most urgent need identified by clients of the Data Destruction industry,

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Is your deleted data really gone?

Put your mind at ease with absolute data destruction!

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Absolute Data Destruction Inc. specializes in the secure and certified destruction of digital data devices such as hard drives, tapes and other digital media. Absolute Data Destruction’s sole purpose is to facilitate the permanent destruction of personal and corporate data devices using a “zero landfill” shredding process. read more

“As a Microsoft Certified Partner we value our clients information and advise them to invest in the security necessary to protect it at all stages of its existence. And the vast majority of businesses are willing to invest in firewalls, anti-virus and other security measures to protect their data on the server and the computers attached to it. However, most clients never give a thought to the security of the data once a PC or the server has finished its useful life. They forget that their data is still there once they have disconnected the unit from the office network.

We now can assure our clients that they will not find their old PCs and their hard drives full of sensitive data in a dumpster or garage sale. Absolute Data verifies the destruction of each and every hard drive sent to them. This invaluable service is worth the peace of mind it offers. For our Medical and Financial services clients it is a MUST. Rob and his staff have been outstanding partners in providing us the support and backup we need to service our customers data destruction needs.”

Walter Matesa

Tel: 905-560-6400 Ext: 110 | Cel: 905-570-3939

“We are very happy to be able to start offering data destruction services to our current customers and to fulfill the requests set forth by clients we are currently working on. We understand the importance of data destruction services, they are critical for companies to alleviate the potential liability associated with a situation of loss. I am proud to offer the Absolute data destruction service as it is in my opinion, after lengthy research into the field, it is the most secure service available.”

Tibor Sandor, CEO

Sadtrade Communication, LLC | 3335 NW 168th Street | Miami, Florida. 33056

“We have been in the computer business for over 20 years now and have come across the need to dispose of digital data for quite some time. We were never aware of this type of service being available. When we were introduced to this service early this year by Absolute Data Destruction, we were beside ourselves as to how quickly it had evolved. We were equally shocked to discover the liabilities and potential lawsuits that companies were facing for not abiding by the requirements set forth in the privacy act. We are now proud to offer this service to all our valued customers. We are confident at TomCom that we are in good hands. The guys over at Absolute Data Destruction have done their homework and offer a service second to none. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Peter Huang, President

“We at Mul-T-Lock Canada have been working with Absolute Data Destruction for approximately 2 months now assisting them in securing their premise with High Security Locking Solutions. We have discovered that the service offered by Absolute Data Destruction is second to none as well as their premise being a state-of-the-art destruction facility”

Grant Weaver

Mul-T-Lock Canada Inc.

“ND Computer Resources Inc. has over 30 years experience in the fields of consulting, development and implementation of IT solutions. We have found Absolute Data Destruction Inc. to be a valuable add-on service to our clients, providing risk-free destruction of redundant hard drives and back-up tapes. Their StrongBox delivery system and secure destruction facility is the best in the industry.”

Mario Discepola

ND Computer Resources Inc.

“ADD is a company that clearly took its time to analyze the market, study customer needs, consider various security concerns, and put together and service that is simply superior to anyone else. I visited the site, and was fully impressed with the entire operation; from the "surgical" white rooms that are impeccable, to the Web Cam monitoring, to the secure entrance and exit. The process is well studied to be a ONE-TOUCH operation, to minimize any overhead in cost (and hence all savings are clearly passed to us customers) as well as to minimize any security concerns. ADD is a model of efficiency, and a peace of mind for any liability that may otherwise occur from data destruction. ADD is to be exemplified. Kudos to its management!”

Elie Fleifel

Specialty Software Design & Dev. (S2D2)

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