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    Secure Destruction of sensitive data is the LAW!
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    Recycling does not equal data destruction!
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    Thieves now target recycled computers to recover information for blackmail, extortion and identity theft.
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    Government pushes to implement severe fines for improper data disposal and recycling.
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    Secure data destruction is the cheapest insurance policy a company can buy.


was designed to fill the most urgent need identified by clients of the Data Destruction industry,

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Is your deleted data really gone?

Put your mind at ease with absolute data destruction!

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Product and Services

We proudly offer DLT Destruction

Platinum Services provided to every client:

  • The patented StrongBox™ delivery system ensures the total security during
    the collection and transportation of the data storage devices to our secure facility for destruction.
  • The StrongBox™ will be picked up by our bonded transporter for delivery to our
    secure facility.
  • Upon arrival, the serial numbers of the contents of the StrongBox™ (data storage devices) will be scanned and then shredded.
  • A Certificate of Destruction will be issued, identifying every individual asset destroyed by Serial Number.
  • Continual internet video streaming of the destruction process will be accessible by the client at any time.
  • Absolute Data Destruction Inc. will forward all shredded materials to a certified smelter ensuring 100% “No Land-Fill Use”;


  • An invoice will be issued for the above services at a per unit destruction rate and
    drop-off/pick-up charges.
  • Payments for services rendered are payable in full within (thirty) 30 days following the date of the invoice.
  • A 2% per month (24% per annum) surcharge will be applied to late accounts.

Liability Insurance:

  • The total liability of Absolute Data Destruction Inc. in the performance of these services is declared to be up to but not exceeding $ 5,000,000 per claim as set forth in its “Error and Omissions Insurance” policy and excludes all consequential and indirect damages.

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