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    Secure Destruction of sensitive data is the LAW!
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    Recycling does not equal data destruction!
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    Thieves now target recycled computers to recover information for blackmail, extortion and identity theft.
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    Government pushes to implement severe fines for improper data disposal and recycling.
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    Secure data destruction is the cheapest insurance policy a company can buy.


was designed to fill the most urgent need identified by clients of the Data Destruction industry,

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Is your deleted data really gone?

Put your mind at ease with absolute data destruction!

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Meet our StrongBox™ models!

The 300 Series


Solid steel construction

Empty weight of 103 lbs

Full weight of 265 lbs

6,912 cubic inches.
(12" × 18" × 32")

Capacity: 100 hard drives.

This is the smallest of our safes. It is designed for small corporate offices with less than 50 computers.

The 500 Series


Solid steel construction

Empty weight of 215 lbs

Full weight of 1150 lbs

32,768 cubic inches
(32" × 32" × 32")

Capacity: 400 hard drives.

This is our medium safe designed for resellers or medium to large corporate companies. It requires to be moved by pallet jack and can be placed neatly on a sales floor of a retail store.

The 700 Series


Solid steel construction

Empty weight of 485 lbs

Full weight of 2600 lbs

82,944 cubic inches
(48" × 48" × 36")

Capacity: 1050 hard drives.

This is the largest of our models. It was designed for asset management companies and large data destruction resellers. It requires to be moved by pallet jack or fork lift.

StrongBox™ was designed to fill the most urgent need identified by clients of the Data Destruction industry, SECURITY. We believe the most vulnerable area is during the time that your data storage devices are being transported. Asset management companies seem to believe that your priceless data is safe stacked on a wood pallet wrapped in shrink wrap. When our competitors pick up your assets, in most cases by the cheapest courier available, they then think nothing of making a few other stops on the way, allowing strangers access to your computers and data.

Absolute data destruction put an end to all of this nonsense.

made sure that every step in our destruction process meets the most stringent of Security standards. Every data storage device we receive is treated as if it is worth a million dollars, because in the wrong hands, your sensitive data can be worth exactly that.

How would you move a million dollars ?

On a pallet wrapped in shrink wrap ? I THINK NOT!

We believe that data storage devices should not be treated as office furniture, printers or copiers. Corporate and/or personal information is far too sensitive to be risked in this way. In the wrong hands this information can cause immeasurable damage both financial and to your wellbeing.

We therefore believe that your data should be transported as if it were hard currency with all of the security it rightfully deserves. StrongBox™ is the solution to your
Security needs !

StrongBox™ is a safe constructed of 100% solid steel. It is designed and fabricated to meet the highest of security standards both at your location, for the collection of your data storage devices, and during transport to our secure facility for destruction. The StrongBox™ has multiple locking systems to which only Absolute Data Destruction Inc. holds the keys at our secure location. Each StrongBox™ is identified by a unique serial number both inside and out for tracking purposes. In addition most of our StrongBox™ will weigh in excess to a
2000 pounds when filled and ready for transport and require to be moved by a pallet jack of fork lift.

As if that wasn’t enough! We even developed a tool to incapacitate you drive in it’s current state before it enters our STRONGBOX! No stone was left unturned in the development of our Security process. We are proud to say that no other company in the industry offers a service remotely comparable to ours in protecting your interests.

Why have other companies not offered this service ?

The first reason is that it is very expensive. But more importantly, they just don’t need to because they are not assuming any liability for the loss of your data to begin with. The majority of companies in the industry are in the asset management business. When they receive your assets they will analyze its worth to THEM as to whether it should be resold or scrapped. They provide no assurance nor assume any liability for any of your data that may still be accessed or reconstructed from your storage device. Absolute Data Destruction will shred every device we receive … without exception!

All these carefully thought-out features are what make ABSOLUTE DATA DESTRUCTION the most advanced data security company in the industry.

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