Insider negligence is the biggest cause of data breaches!

According to a Ponemon Institute survey customers and employees lose faith in organizations that can’t keep business and personal data safe – the impact? They take their business elsewhere. It is estimated that data breaches cost companies on average $6.6 million per breach! The highest reported breach cost one business a record $32 million dollars. The report goes on to state that “organizations must focus on proactively protecting their data instead of relying exclusively on written policies, procedures, and training.”


While many breaches do originate with outsourcing companies, contractors, consultants, and business partners this however only accounts for 44% of the breach total. It is insider negligence that’s the biggest cause of breaches. According to the Ponemon, more than 88% of the breaches arose from an insider’s mistakes.

While a significant amount of breaches are a result of poor data handling practices such as the storage of company on employees personal computers and tablets whether done locally at the business offices or remotely, the storage of business information on transportable media such a CD’s and USB sticks or the emailing of business information to third parties, customers or other employees that may be saved at their locations.

Data should be appropriately managed across the entire data lifecycle, from capture or creation to destruction. Planning for data destruction should be an integral part of any quality data management program.


Does your company have a Data Destruction Plan?

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